Just Being Me

I have been asked many times about my spirituality and how I can be spiritual without believing in God?

I was raised old Fashion pentecostal and my mother was the Sunday school teacher for the kids And yes I was that sneaky child who would steal the teacher’s book and make sure I had all the answers. I witnessed many things go on behind the church and what was presented in front of a congregation, I witnessed these things and questioned them I’d even been in trouble for questioning and asking why do you pretend that you’re hurt? Then why do you pretend then your not hurt? Put on a show in front of people when I know the answer. These are the things I asked even as a young child as I’ve gotten older and I’ve gone and done spiritual studies studying different religions and how so many religions are basically stating the same thing in their books. Every single spirituality is the interpretation of the person who writes the words and then the interpretation of the person who reads those words and then the interpretation of those listening to those words I happen to question every single one of those words. I question why this particular belief came out of these words, how the interpretation was received, I question everything, it is why I continuously study religions and the interpretations that other people have and why so many interpretations of a single religion. It does not matter which religion it is there are multiple interpretations of the same writings the original writings which to date really are not from the original person or persons who said them. Since the beginning of writing pictures, hieroglyphs, then words, for any of that each story is just an add on even from the first story as each person has their own interpretation of the events. And each of those stories is told multiple times by multiple people and every story is added to or embellished as they say so actually what really happened is someone else’s interpretation of those events. I believe in The Living Energies Surrounding Us and that We Are. If you did it it’s on you good or bad, You make the choices, You determine your path in life, You are the one who makes it or breaks it, Your Choices Make You, You! DO NOT Preach to me about who I should be or who you think I should believe in because I am not you! I will discuss, with others on the subject of religion but it’s an ADULT Conversation not winning self-centered, egotistical, better than others attitudes. Your beliefs are not my truth they are yours. So please when someone tells you please STOP and you just keep on, your my way is the only way preaching and selling your religion, your just another predator to me, and therefore you will be treated accordingly. We each have a right to our own views of this world and it’s time that forced conversation of religion, be Stoped! There is your answer in my short form, I hope it answers the question.

I have a question for you now….

Because this is my belief does it change me or the way you perceive me to be? The way I see it I’m just being me.

My harvest is starting

Always do what you Love and your life will always have everything you need just believe it so. But Remember sometimes the energies denial is for a purpose so do not waste the gifts you are receiving make them count.

We I had a small abundance of mixed veggies yesterday so excited seeing my families hard work paying off. This is a testing year to see what happens and what needs improving. The garden will be takin apart after the last plant is harvested. As we are still looking for a farm property to start ZenEden it’s hard putting so much work into it but we just don’t know when it will happen but for now testing different methods of sustainability in gardening many different ways. Holistic Farming practices permaculture, hydro & of course go old ground gardening.

My Beautiful Harvest

Some Hints to My Dreams; We are still searching for the ranch properties to creat ZenEden, A palace created as a second chance & mentoring partnership, A Retreat. A Holistic, Alternative, Healing place, A Spa, Group getaways Personal or Business to decompress, a place to get back to the earth and allow Mother Nature to heal you. A public open Healing place. run by a very eccentric woman & her men & daughter Inlaw. We will employ VA as Ranch hands & Mentors to Troubled youths in the system on the Farmland. Daily activities to help each person find themselves. A Pay it Forward Concept Membership.

We have found the perfect place @ $12 million, it is ready to go. The property is in Sonoma & Mendocino County. Getting a loan, Grant or enough investors which I prefer, I prefer knowledge to help me create this ultimate Retreat, so If your a risk taker reach out to me.

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My Garden is growing & So am I

Well I am still trying to figure out how to use WordPress and find myself lost & some how deleted on of my posts. Oh well it happens. I have been so busy and I have started a few blogs Ideas but have not quite gotten them done. By the time I get home from the spa it’s about 9pm We rush to put dinner together sit down watch a tv show to let the food settle and it’s 11pmish, writhing a blog post not suggest-able as I have found I’m so brain dead that it becomes a rambling mix of rant, an Idea, and nonsense. Brain overload. It has been a crazy month & it’s not over yet

So on to my beautiful garden which I Love to talk about….. It is coming a long good I have lost a few plants due to their sensitivity to the sun & high temperatures, Shade covering next year. I am learning as I go. I am still watering myself because we have not been able to find parts for the water holding tanks and the trays are still not level. I have never bought so much soil for gardening and it has been a huge cost $77.90 1/2 yard of Big Roots but I need the good stuff to start the planting now I have just potting soil to fill in and bulk up soil levels.

My Garden is growing
Tonight’s peppers harvest

Still trying to find someone to help me write my business plan. I need to also find someone who understands the mix use of a for profit business with a nonprofit attached or governing entity. I am pushing myself to set a room current so I can start building my clients and establish myself. I have a lot of non physical healing modalities to offer, along with the physical. So For now my gardening helps keep me balanced. Enjoy their beauty so much

Calla Lily

Oh and Today was our 20th Anniversary 6/27

What a wonderful weekend ahead in Little river

A new Certificate NAMI Facilitator

I am so excited, this last Friday 24, & Saturday 25, I took my second set of classes to be a Teacher, now I am a Family to Family Facilitator! I will strive to take all of their classes Local, State & National levels. So I will be teaching out of Santa Rosa when I am scheduled but I am hoping to find a place in Cloverdale /Healdsburg/ Geyserville or Hopland to hold classes. Only 6per class if I am the only teacher. 2 Facilitators are recommended so that there is a shared responsibility of over seeing the students/members. All Classes are FREE. Becoming a member helps NAMI do its work for those in need of mental illness understanding, Educate, Advocate, Listen & Lead.

How and Why I went looking for help on Mental Illness. A friend and I decided we needed help copping with the effects of having a child with Schizophrenia. I found NAMI. but my story goes way back to my DNA. My Mother was mentally ill with a mix of diagnoses. Bipolar Disorder 2, Personalities Disorder, & Drug & Alcohol addiction. My Mother’s Story also was DNA started. My oldest sons story started with DNA. I Love my children so very much and there is a difference between ones Mother being mentally ill & ones child being mentally ill. With my Mom I was raised caring for someone mentally ill but she was an adult and she seemed to like her trauma, along with all of the health issues she had I grew up being the parent. My son my first born a huge piece of my heart ripped out as I sat behind a plexiglass window listening to my child tell me he is god and the pyramids are talking to him, the vacant yet crazy eyes and body language, I needed help to cope, to learn how to help my son, and so began my search for mental illness therapy help. What I found in NAMI Sonoma County was EDUCATION and the therapy of getting to know others in the same life raft as as you! If ANYONE reading this ever needs someone to talk to I am here. Just understand I work long late hours so it might be a day or so for me to get back to you or go to the link for NAMI Website and call the Warmline.

May your journey bring knowledge to you so that you become a teacher for the next person or child that is in need of it.

The saying…. When it is time for your lesson to start the Teacher will appear. Or When it’s time for you to teach the students will appear.

A few links below for NAMI Website & 2 different articles on Mental Health vs Mental Illness.

NAMI is such a wonderful support organization for those copping with loved ones with mental illnesses. I am in NAMI Sonoma County. What does NAMI stand for? National Alliance on Mental Illness = NAMI. NAMI Website https://namisonomacounty.org/

Mental Health vs Mental Illness https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/reaching-across-the-divide/201804/the-difference-between-mental-health-and-mental-illness

Mental health vs Mental Illness https://magellanhealthinsights.com/2018/05/23/mental-health-vs-mental-illness/

Mental Health vs Mental Illness https://www.heretohelp.bc.ca/q-and-a/whats-the-difference-between-mental-health-and-mental-illness

Happy Mother’s Day in my Zen place.

Mother’s Day a celebration of those who take the full roll of caregiver. A person who raises you, a person who makes the pain better & the person who a large piece of your heart will always belong to.

A person who fills this roll doesn’t have to give you birth, this person doesn’t have to be a female, you can have more than one mom & this person can be a mom to animals too.

Mother’s Day can be a hard day for those who have lost the person that filled this roll. Keep them in your thoughts as you celebrate with yours. My Mother is gone.

I love being a Mother to my 3 sons Jason, Raymond & Tyler. Two I gave birth to one we took guardianship of at age 7 my oldest nephew & I have had many Fur babies and will be to many more. I do not want gifts yet they have given them to me and I love & cherish each one I have received. I want only time with my children every day I am blessed to have them, but on this day I love the time together that we have.

This year my Mother’s Day is a bit of heartache as 2 of my boys are not able to be with me. My oldest is in jail because he had his first Schizophrenic break while in another state. My youngest is in Navel school so I cannot see them or be with them.

My middle child spent the day with me helping me in my garden which is what I asked for & no gift. Then my husband & son made dinner & my daughter-in-law came over.

We worked hard in the garden and there is still much to do but it’s coming along. I feel such an accomplishment when working in my garden a feeling of Zen of Fulfillment. When my family helps it bring such a joy into my soul, my being is grounded & my heart fills with such Love there is no room for anything else in it.

I send Blessings to every Mother.

When we are doing this will be a self watering garden
Progress in the garden

Work, Working & Busy Getting Things Done Work & Wasted T.I.M.E. “The 4 letter word.”

I am trying to work on my business timeline schedule and I am finding it very hard currently as I have a lot of things at home that need to be done personal & personal biz. & my Job. A crazy glimpse into my Chaotic life & headspace.

This long list of The 3 W’s & Time are my little Rant on them and just to let others know they are not alone in their Chaos. Learn to Ask for help (hard to do I know), Learn your limits, keep making those To Do Lists, Learn to Stop and give yourself time to just sit and breathe for 5 minutes 10-15 minutes is better, & Remember you’re never really alone, it may feel that way at times but we are out there. I got this it just takes me a few tries sometimes but I will get things done.

I wake about 7a-8a just depends, I get things done like dishes, load or 2 of laundry, fold & put away my laundry, if I have time try to catch 1 tv show on DVR before getting house work done with 2-3 cups of coffee to bring me down from my edgy attitude I wake with because I don’t sleep through a night I toss & turn from the tingling numbness that happens after an hr or so from pressure on my L1-L5 squeezed spinal cords. I’m not a delightful morning person. I drink a whole pot of coffee +, before leaving for work/ job (Coffee calms me down I don’t get the wake me up, buzz, or energy).

I’m so busy most days especially this time of the year the 3 “W’s” of my life kick in and my manic side takes over and it’s go, go, & GO! I have my job I leave my house around 10:45a to be at Work 12p-8p but if there are no clients then no work & I am on call waiting all day for maybe 1 client so I really cannot get to busy because I have 1 hour. I get changed to work clothes drive 45min & get room ready. A client at 12p-12:50p and one at 6p-7:20p, I am stuck there and homework is what I mostly accomplish it’s good But… my Work at home is not getting done. I live about 45min from work and wasted gas if I drive home, only to have to return hours later more wasted time and money.

Work J.O.B.; fulfilling someone else’s dream and goals their rules, their money, never knowing if a full work day, only a few clients, clients with hours in between wasting gas & money vs Working My Personal Biz my Dream my money!

When there are wasted hours in my day I feel depressed and agitated. This combination is not good for me being an energy worker, Massage Therapist & Holistic Therapy at my Work/Job I am an independent contractor so no clients no payments so wasted time, loss of money, loss of my working & getting things done work.

Working; Then I have my current business of crafting & Massage and Therapy with personal clients. Working on my business plan for ZenEden Getting all of the involvement of what I need. Planning on where I am going the sooner the better! Get to the investors to get it rolling and start healing & helping others. Starting the Non-Profit & For Profit. That will govern ZenEden Ranch & Healing Retreat.

I know if I start a Work project I’ll get into it and lose track of time because that project becomes my focus. So my Personal Business is suffering and not getting accomplished just left until I maybe have enough time during an evening.

Working-Busy; The vegetable garden needs to be built and planted, Care of plants I have everything from replanting to separating young plants from parent to its own, to cleaning the gardening areas & watering this can take 3-4 hours to do currently, we are hoping to put in a drip & spray system in after the new vegetable garden is set up and finished on its self watering system. There is the everyday things around the house that need to be done on top of this ( I need a house keeper because I hate cleaning but also someone to help me get & keep organized I’m a messy person, chaos surrounds me.

I need to be outside with my plants, working in the soil, watering, replanting, propagating, cleaning the outside to look nice, to bring a peacefulness to my Spirit, bring about my abilities to exchange energy with my beloved plants. This time of year you will mostly find me outside creating my gardens.

During the Winter month my depression & S.A.D. set in. Winter is getting crafting done work on the indoors projects, time to clean crafting areas up maybe? I watch a lot of Hallmark Channel & Read a lot. The struggle of what was me going, going & going has almost disappeared from myself. Do I really do not leave the house, because being around other people’s energy hurts me. To many people and their full on mixed flow of energy make my body ill.

T.I.M.E. there just doesn’t seem to be enough in the day & evening. F.U. T.I.M.E. the 4 Letter category. I am always trying to make a schedule for myself, (I have them all over the house). Finding time & making time are difficult for me. I’m easily distracted to another project and forgetting the one I Just was doing. I am getting better though over the years.

Well there it is a long rant about 4 Letter Words – Work & Time. I hope this didn’t bore to many.

Blessings be bountiful to you.

S.C.O.R.E Mentor #1 meeting

Had my meeting today with the S.C.O.R.E. Mentor that I was assigned will become self sustaining. Crunching number$ is a very scary visual. I have a lot of homework and I actually already have a very, very rough business plan idea already set up, over the last few years that I’ve changed and updated, then used as a business plan set up that I found online to use and just kind of did a rough draft. The mentor his name is Chuck Rogers and he is from the LA area, moved up here lives in the Healdsburg area, but is going to be moving back to the LA area so I’ll be getting another S.C.O.R.E. Mentor. For now I’m working with this really nice gentleman. My business plan incorporates so many elements in it, a very large scale idea, finding the right type of people to invest, finding the right type of people to work and volunteer working with court systems, working with NAMI mental health, etc.. *** The large ranch I would like to purchase would be the MendocinTimeline County area I have found the ranch that I would absolutely love to have that is literally between Ukiah and Cloverdale with A very prominent landmark as part of the property. Can I do it well the business is so large that I’m not sure if I can do that in time and the price tag is multi-million$, who knows how long this beautiful piece of property will stay on the market. I will just keep searching building my business plan going to S.C.O.R.E. Classes and then I will start Soliciting for financing, grants, & investors. My business will be Non- Profit Parental over For Profit ranch & spa. The Goal Establish a Healing Retreat Ranch & Spa. It will become self sustaining. Making a difference in “Alternative” medicine & healing ZenEden.
Crunching number$ is a very scary visual. $1mil? $2mil? $5mil? $10mil? ***$15mil? So much I must consider in what has been a dream around 15 years now. Reality vs Attatnable.

List of homework Email all.
#1 business plan and all pertaining Supportive info, Stats, competition, etc.
#2 Cash Flow
#3 Timeline


Cheri Ann Tipler

Gardening setup

I love gardening so much its a need so deep inside my soul that i cannot be without plants inside and outside. Orchids taking over inside and anything i can grow outside. I talk to them as they are my children they help me heal when my depression tries to swallow me, They feed my emotions and my energy as I do for them. My plants just as my animals are synergistically connected to me, grounding me, Healing me, loving me, & celebrating me as I do them. Today getting the Terrance leveled out for the weed gaurd, pallets, and the Hydroponics drip trays, has me so sunburnt, covered in dirt, sweat and blisters on my hand & foot. Now pain has set in as my Fibromyalgia is flared, it will never stop me from what I Love. I blast my music and get my gardening groove on and enjoy the feel of my feet in the dirt, and then stepping back at the days job done and feel so much pride in myself and who I have become and still growing myself. May you Find the joy I do in my plants in your life.

2019 Garden #1

I have discovered Larry Hall and his rain gutter garden systems oh so Awesome! (He’s on YouTube). A self watering, gardening systems.

When you travel and ask friends or family to watch over you Animals and water the plants is for most no big right? Maybe 2 hours total at most… Nope, it’s almost 4 hours to water all of my outside plants. Now add a garden and they will be saying Oh Hell NO! Watering my plants by hand is meditation for me as I talk to my babies touch them and blast music for them. My plants are everywhere with no neatness to them. A Chaotic assembly of plant life. I am trying to pull a more Harmonious & Zen environment together.

I was hoping to be getting our own place by now instead of Renting from our Slum Lords but it is not the time yet so I need to create a better space for them & me. Until we find the Ranch we need to create my Holistic Healing Retreat Dream of ZenEden.

Cecil & I Prepped the back field, cut the grass & Cecil started the terrace rows with the rototiller and he so enjoyed ripping in to the ground. I will be laying the weed shield cloth, pallets on that then large hydroponic drip trays, cloth grow bags will go inside the trays (a hybrid of kiddie pool self watering garden). I have ordered the water regulator float. I will be doing the rain gutter hybrid 4in PVC pipes. I’m so excited about this Garden set up!

Cecil was not happy about this garden he hears the word pallet and he envisions what he calls the junk yard look he dislikes the pallet crafting he thinks it’s trashy looking. It’s one of those I don’t give a care moments because I love them. I have a few cactus and succulent pallet gardens growing & I love them. Cecil just has no vision when it comes to pallets yet his passion in crafting is custom wood working at that. I think it’s his snob outlook on the poor pallets. Now that he is able to see what my vision is he is ok with because you cannot actually see the pallets much.

I’m going to have to start putting a plants for sale at the end of the road as my succulents are out of hand and I need space for the new ones this year. So look for updated on what I have.

I just have so much to do that there is never enough TIME (Cecil keeps saying this is in the 4 letter word adult language category). Neither of us seem to ever have enough with all of the things we want to accomplish.

Well off to sleep I go, I leaf you with this… Gardening is the purest of human pleasures. – Francis Bacon

Taking the Steps to ZenEden Ranch

Well I took the step Cecil & I are finally meeting with a SCORE Mentor & I will be taking SCORE classes. My rough draft Biz Plan was well written enough he said once refined i should have no problem with finding investors for my Holistic Healing Retreat. I just need to decide on which of 3 types of investors will fit best to start with. I’m scared & excited that I have jumped in! But i got this! It will take time to build what my vision is but its time to move from dream to reality. Now to find the Ranch Properties to put on the possibilities list, Ukiah, Alexander Valley, Yorkville will be our search area with a possible this side of Lake Co. area (it would have to have everything Cheap or willing investment). We need to stay with in a distance to our jobs for at least 2-5 yrs.

So here it is if you have ever wanted to invest in a Holistic Healing, Back to the Land Startup here is your chance. No joking or fake messaging, Only serious inquiries. I only have my current rough outline if you would like to know what my vision is.