Time is a 4 Letter Word

My husband tells me all the time that time is a 4-letter word. Time just does not seem to be a commodity that ever has enough were always needing more time and nothing has made that clearer than 2020 COVID19. Everybody talks about the bad things that came about in 2020 when we all became sheltered in place no friends no family and watching so many people die because of a virus and extreme flu. And of all of the bad things, there were a lot of good things, families learned what it was to be a family again in this day and age where mother father’s work some 2-3 even 4 jobs just to get by, for the first time they were setting down and their children were learning what it was like to be a family to have mom, dad, brother, sister sitting around a dining room table after they all just cooked a meal together. Finding ways to be creative all the YouTube videos of families dancing together, cooking together, creating together, a reset is what happened to us. Now we must find a way to cope with having to go back to work finding the balance of what we now know we are missing. So many businesses found that at-home workers saved them money, saved workers money because they’re not having to drive to work every day. Finding a balance of work-family and schooling for children that are still young enough to be in school. Now we get to figure out do we stay home do we have that option to work from home to our kids want to go back to school or do they want to stay home and do online schooling or is there an option for both ??? My son was able to go to school once a week check-in set down with the teacher go over his work get the next packet for the next week and do it again his grades went from failing to ace, but I know all kids cannot do this, they still need to socialize, there is a lot of things were going to have to figure out from this point on, making adjustments, & support those that need support. We also saw our world turned upside down with Black Lives Matter, with the storming of our capital! my hope is that we see a change soon but it takes time, time that we sometimes do not seem to have or not patient enough to wait for. The times that we lived in, the times we are living in, and the times we will live in, are all changed. The question is what do the time ahead of us have in store for us? And the time that we have learned that we were missing, in a very powerful punch in the face and the gut. I hope that on this St. Patrick’s Day that you all get the time with your friends & family. May time be kind to you

An Irish blessing
may love and laughter light your days.
And warm your heart and home.
Make good and faithful friends be yours where ever you may roam.
Make peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures.
May all life’s passing seasons bring the best to you and yours!

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