Dreams & Their Emotional Hold

We Dream…

We day dream when awake… those fantasies of heroism, A grand life, Vacations, Love, Goals, Revenge, etc.. We are awake we are in control, we dictate the outcome twisted to our wants & needs to bring about our satisfaction our triumphs.

We have those deja vu dreams through out our life, we feel a sense of strangeness a question of why, what is this about? We start to remember these after a time of repeats. The spectrum of feelings can be more questions than anything making us try to seek answers from Dream books, Therapy, Clergy, etc.. Never really getting an answer only interpretation of maybes from a list of guidelines to guide one to maybe answers.

We dream in our sleep our mind processing issues of our waking life. Interpretation of dreams are explored, what does this scenario represent? We have wonderful, joyous, loving, spiritual, colorful dreams to Nightmares that shake us up. Many of times these dreams we forget after we fully wake and go about our day, feeling good, Joyous, accomplished, sad, lost or a bit grumpy. But not really quite sure why if you cannot really remember or just a bit of recollection but nothing really that cannot be over come through the day as it disappears altogether.

Dream Or Night Terrors these take hold of us not just mentally we can be come physically compromised, reaching for that something to frozen unable to move bordering on sleep and waking between 2 worlds. These dreams can take such a hold on you that once you finally wake you still are held mentally captured by this terror, unable to shake the Dream still playing in your mind. The effects of this play with your emotions, energy, & your interactions with those around you and those that took part of that terrorized dream.

Then there are the Dreams we feel on a level of real. We feel the air on our skin, feeling another’s skin, the smells surrounding us, and the sights we see and the emotions we are feeling. There is no separation of dream to waking to going about your day as the brain seems to be unable to separate the difference. It was real but it wasn’t…!? Euphoria to Psychotic reactions. Self safety & others safety come to question. This is where one needs to seek help of a professional therapist, counselor, doctor, clergy, spiritual therapist, etc.. There is something that you need to deal with on some level you may not even realize you have going on in your life or environment.

Then there are those who dream prophecy a truth of a situation. Not always believed, often ridiculed. These stay with you you can recall them but most will only write them down and that is where they stay. Some are strong enough to tell others and work with the outcomes. Nostradamus is/was one of the most famous for his long into the future predictions.

I have been there I have done that. I have tried on & off to keep A Dream Journal but most of my dreams are gone the moment I think I need to write this down and poof it’s gone a blank page. Then I have had to see my therapist because I could not shake the feelings of knowing it was a dream but having it continue to control my emotions even after speaking to the person about them.

There are many Dream books out there including the famous Sigmund Freud. But these are just interpretations bases on research that cannot be proven accurate only a guessing of relations and the very from each person’s views. If you’re dreams have you curious these books can help. There are also those professionals including Dream therapists to help you.

I started making dreams catchers at a young age being in a Native American group in grade school and now as an adult I craft them to give as gifts & sell. I recommend making one or buying one to hang above your bed and even around your home. Sage smoke them to cleanse them of any negativity that could have come into contact with them & to bless them. They help by becoming a positive thoughts focus but they are not an absolute stop to bad dreams. This is just one of many suggestions out there.

If your dreams have you bothered in anyway seek someone to talk to that you truly trust. If your dreams have you emotionally messed up seek professional help there are hot-lines you can call so that you don’t even have to see anyone. Be aware of yourself and the self care & love you need to give yourself to be healthy.

Blessings of the New Year be upon you & yours

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