Making my X’s & O’s & Zz’s Tea

I thought maybe you would like to see some of the things I make and this is a recent recipe i adapted from a recipe book i saw a sample from but it needed something else for me. I have had insomnia since I was 12 yrs old and have been on Ambien since early 20’s so I played around with this recipe for a while and this is now my Officially going to bed Tea. X’s & O’s & Zz’s has officially lessons my need for Ambien when my mind cannot shut off, now that not to say Ill stop taking Ambien as a 4 day no sleep bender is a Not so Healthy situation. (Now I am not saying that this tea will work for you the same way or making claims to a medical issue this is my own personal experience, Always consult with a Doctor about any sleep issues.) (Herbals are a very personal thing so what work for me may not work for you.) There is one drawback for some about this Tea it is not cheap to make High Quality Organic Products and Certainly herbs that are expensive in small amounts a sample 9oz of Wood Betony is around $40 that’s about 1oz= $4.10. Please consider this as you are out Holiday Shopping at the Homemade/Handmade Crafting Fair’s & you see my X’s & O’s & Zz’s Tea in a 4oz small batch hand mixed, hand filled glass Jars, pre washed in Dr. B’s- Pure- Castle soap- organic cloth reusable tea bag, hand labeled, hand written, Filled with Love and Good Energy and it says $20 or even $40 depending on finding the right herbs, it only takes a small amount in the bags as the tea needs room to rehydrate and give you its Healing life ❤ until next time have a Blessing of a Month as The Hunters Full Moon arrives.

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