Life Changing & Self Care. A Back issue.

My mode of Transportation the next few days. My back went into full on spasms and then slipped out, Then went fully numb and lost all control of my body as i lost speach, thought & use of my body I was able to slide to the floor via dishwasher. I was able to make 3 calls Cecil, Raymond & work (I’m OCD that way -this is now routine since 1993) before i lost control and swelling and 3 Cysts are fully inflamed and pushing on my spinal cords. My next Epidural is not until 25th of September. Back issues are nothing to mess with when your back hurts don’t put off the pain OTC & RX will onlt hide the pain for so long. Proper care is needed Make your health a priority! Every month at the least but every 2 weeks or if at all possible 1 time a week schedule Massage Therapist & Chiropractor. I have slight scoliosis, degenerative discs, Arthritis, Spinal Stenosis & 3 cysts inside my spine inside the stenosis area which is my full Lumbar area. This also triggers a Fibromyalgia Flair up as my system goes into Fight or Flight which it is already in 24/7/365. I have gone into overdrive system. I have had back issues since age 12 when I fell out of a truck and landed on my lower back. Im posting this a a Massage Therapist, Healer & Hidden Health Issues person. My list is a bit of a read. I am able to help others who are in pain because I know the pain inside & outside, mentally & physically. It took me years to get here and now I pass on my knowledge to fight the depression that follows the loss of dreams and imagine you saw yourself becoming before your body turned on you. It takes time to find your way but never give up allow those around you to support you & find support in Healing. Your dreams are not gone they are just put on hold or changed direction for a reason. The universe will point you to the paths you just have to decide on which to travel. I chose to use my personal knowledge to help others and i cannot say enough about how happy I am with who I have become & still growing. I have a Huge Dream to help others & I hold it close. Dream BIG but allow change to happen as time passes you grow & so do dreams.

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