Secrets & Withholding Information

There are times when secrets need to be kept for the better of the person or the group or the society then there is the information withholding. When & What that information needs to really be assessed whether it is imperative that person knows this information or that it really takes away from nothing that would help them in anyway. If the fact is there is something that needs to be said or to be told that is imperative to that person good or bad, but they really do need to know it in order to either have the information to make a situation correct to be able to assess the situation and to know whether or not the information that others are giving is false or true this information therefore makes the secret the withholding of information detrimental to the person or the persons there for do you not in any circumstance withhold this or keep it secret. Now if the secret or withholding information is going to keep that person from harm of any kind the assessment of withholding and keeping it secret are there for valid for the well-being of that person be a mental, physical or spiritual.

Examples are is this person very domineering and tries to take over situations that can interrupt something that is very personal to you? Another situation a volunteer that is a regular issue that likes to volunteer and basically what they do is they use that time just to sit around and not do anything. Another situation a client that has been abusive, verbally, physically or sexually, these are situations that the person must know about there is no excuse not to tell anyone any of the situations that would be detrimental to them mentally physically and spiritually.

The situation of seeing or hearing someone that they may be cheating on a partner, a situation of drug, alcohol use or any other addictions that may be detrimental to one’s health or relationship, then you have the situations of other issues that may hurt a relationship in some way or another you do not just say what it is you saw or heard, you confirm the information, therefore withholding and keeping secret this information at the time is about a situation that is correctly withheld, kept secret. Now if what you have seen or heard is then confirmed to be truth, then the withholding or the secret I have is no longer helpful to that person for therefore you are the person that is withheld or keeping secrets something that is very relevant to their life, therefore you need to give this information to them or someone that it is best heard from just make sure all of your information is confirmed truth. Also understand this might bite you in the ass for telling the truth of a situation like this and in the end you may be in the bad guy for bringing about the end of a situation, a relationship, Etc..

Then there is the shit you should just keep to yourself that is your own personal issues not theirs like the way they style their hair the way they chew their food the way they keep their house many many other issues that can just hurt their feelings and really have nothing to do with them except for your own personal issues or someone else’s let every person be an individual and do their own thing just as you have the right to yours don’t hurt someone else’s feelings or make issues between others because of your own personal’s assess every situation and figure out if it’s your own personal issue with the situation or a real issue that affects that person on a physical mental or spiritual level.

Now then there is the does it really matter situation like for instants my grammar and my spelling I’m horrible at both, but doesn’t matter to me sometimes it doesn’t sometimes it does, that’s just a simple example of whether or not to hold a secret or withholding of information that pertains to say this blog that I write is it pertinent? Or I write too much about nothing or I write too much about something these are the kind of situations that sometimes it’s just better to keep it to yourself unless it truly is something that needs to be fixed.

Now don’t get all hissy fit it on me, these are just my opinions and my outlook on situations that go on around me that I find irritating and uncalled for. The fact that I just want people to just tell me the damn truth and not keep things from me because, all that does when I find out is pissing me off! Making me, assess my situation and those around me good or bad I will do what’s best for me and not anyone else because I am the person I need to worry about in any situation the only other people I worry about are my children and my husband anyone other than that will come after the fact don’t ever doubt, I know who I am and what my worth is!

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