Just Being Me

I have been asked many times about my spirituality and how I can be spiritual without believing in God?

I was raised old Fashion pentecostal and my mother was the Sunday school teacher for the kids And yes I was that sneaky child who would steal the teacher’s book and make sure I had all the answers. I witnessed many things go on behind the church and what was presented in front of a congregation, I witnessed these things and questioned them I’d even been in trouble for questioning and asking why do you pretend that you’re hurt? Then why do you pretend then your not hurt? Put on a show in front of people when I know the answer. These are the things I asked even as a young child as I’ve gotten older and I’ve gone and done spiritual studies studying different religions and how so many religions are basically stating the same thing in their books. Every single spirituality is the interpretation of the person who writes the words and then the interpretation of the person who reads those words and then the interpretation of those listening to those words I happen to question every single one of those words. I question why this particular belief came out of these words, how the interpretation was received, I question everything, it is why I continuously study religions and the interpretations that other people have and why so many interpretations of a single religion. It does not matter which religion it is there are multiple interpretations of the same writings the original writings which to date really are not from the original person or persons who said them. Since the beginning of writing pictures, hieroglyphs, then words, for any of that each story is just an add on even from the first story as each person has their own interpretation of the events. And each of those stories is told multiple times by multiple people and every story is added to or embellished as they say so actually what really happened is someone else’s interpretation of those events. I believe in The Living Energies Surrounding Us and that We Are. If you did it it’s on you good or bad, You make the choices, You determine your path in life, You are the one who makes it or breaks it, Your Choices Make You, You! DO NOT Preach to me about who I should be or who you think I should believe in because I am not you! I will discuss, with others on the subject of religion but it’s an ADULT Conversation not winning self-centered, egotistical, better than others attitudes. Your beliefs are not my truth they are yours. So please when someone tells you please STOP and you just keep on, your my way is the only way preaching and selling your religion, your just another predator to me, and therefore you will be treated accordingly. We each have a right to our own views of this world and it’s time that forced conversation of religion, be Stoped! There is your answer in my short form, I hope it answers the question.

I have a question for you now….

Because this is my belief does it change me or the way you perceive me to be? The way I see it I’m just being me.