My Garden is growing & So am I

Well I am still trying to figure out how to use WordPress and find myself lost & some how deleted on of my posts. Oh well it happens. I have been so busy and I have started a few blogs Ideas but have not quite gotten them done. By the time I get home from the spa it’s about 9pm We rush to put dinner together sit down watch a tv show to let the food settle and it’s 11pmish, writhing a blog post not suggest-able as I have found I’m so brain dead that it becomes a rambling mix of rant, an Idea, and nonsense. Brain overload. It has been a crazy month & it’s not over yet

So on to my beautiful garden which I Love to talk about….. It is coming a long good I have lost a few plants due to their sensitivity to the sun & high temperatures, Shade covering next year. I am learning as I go. I am still watering myself because we have not been able to find parts for the water holding tanks and the trays are still not level. I have never bought so much soil for gardening and it has been a huge cost $77.90 1/2 yard of Big Roots but I need the good stuff to start the planting now I have just potting soil to fill in and bulk up soil levels.

My Garden is growing
Tonight’s peppers harvest

Still trying to find someone to help me write my business plan. I need to also find someone who understands the mix use of a for profit business with a nonprofit attached or governing entity. I am pushing myself to set a room current so I can start building my clients and establish myself. I have a lot of non physical healing modalities to offer, along with the physical. So For now my gardening helps keep me balanced. Enjoy their beauty so much

Calla Lily

Oh and Today was our 20th Anniversary 6/27

What a wonderful weekend ahead in Little river