A new Certificate NAMI Facilitator

I am so excited, this last Friday 24, & Saturday 25, I took my second set of classes to be a Teacher, now I am a Family to Family Facilitator! I will strive to take all of their classes Local, State & National levels. So I will be teaching out of Santa Rosa when I am scheduled but I am hoping to find a place in Cloverdale /Healdsburg/ Geyserville or Hopland to hold classes. Only 6per class if I am the only teacher. 2 Facilitators are recommended so that there is a shared responsibility of over seeing the students/members. All Classes are FREE. Becoming a member helps NAMI do its work for those in need of mental illness understanding, Educate, Advocate, Listen & Lead.

How and Why I went looking for help on Mental Illness. A friend and I decided we needed help copping with the effects of having a child with Schizophrenia. I found NAMI. but my story goes way back to my DNA. My Mother was mentally ill with a mix of diagnoses. Bipolar Disorder 2, Personalities Disorder, & Drug & Alcohol addiction. My Mother’s Story also was DNA started. My oldest sons story started with DNA. I Love my children so very much and there is a difference between ones Mother being mentally ill & ones child being mentally ill. With my Mom I was raised caring for someone mentally ill but she was an adult and she seemed to like her trauma, along with all of the health issues she had I grew up being the parent. My son my first born a huge piece of my heart ripped out as I sat behind a plexiglass window listening to my child tell me he is god and the pyramids are talking to him, the vacant yet crazy eyes and body language, I needed help to cope, to learn how to help my son, and so began my search for mental illness therapy help. What I found in NAMI Sonoma County was EDUCATION and the therapy of getting to know others in the same life raft as as you! If ANYONE reading this ever needs someone to talk to I am here. Just understand I work long late hours so it might be a day or so for me to get back to you or go to the link for NAMI Website and call the Warmline.

May your journey bring knowledge to you so that you become a teacher for the next person or child that is in need of it.

The saying…. When it is time for your lesson to start the Teacher will appear. Or When it’s time for you to teach the students will appear.

A few links below for NAMI Website & 2 different articles on Mental Health vs Mental Illness.

NAMI is such a wonderful support organization for those copping with loved ones with mental illnesses. I am in NAMI Sonoma County. What does NAMI stand for? National Alliance on Mental Illness = NAMI. NAMI Website https://namisonomacounty.org/

Mental Health vs Mental Illness https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/reaching-across-the-divide/201804/the-difference-between-mental-health-and-mental-illness

Mental health vs Mental Illness https://magellanhealthinsights.com/2018/05/23/mental-health-vs-mental-illness/

Mental Health vs Mental Illness https://www.heretohelp.bc.ca/q-and-a/whats-the-difference-between-mental-health-and-mental-illness

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