Happy Mother’s Day in my Zen place.

Mother’s Day a celebration of those who take the full roll of caregiver. A person who raises you, a person who makes the pain better & the person who a large piece of your heart will always belong to.

A person who fills this roll doesn’t have to give you birth, this person doesn’t have to be a female, you can have more than one mom & this person can be a mom to animals too.

Mother’s Day can be a hard day for those who have lost the person that filled this roll. Keep them in your thoughts as you celebrate with yours. My Mother is gone.

I love being a Mother to my 3 sons Jason, Raymond & Tyler. Two I gave birth to one we took guardianship of at age 7 my oldest nephew & I have had many Fur babies and will be to many more. I do not want gifts yet they have given them to me and I love & cherish each one I have received. I want only time with my children every day I am blessed to have them, but on this day I love the time together that we have.

This year my Mother’s Day is a bit of heartache as 2 of my boys are not able to be with me. My oldest is in jail because he had his first Schizophrenic break while in another state. My youngest is in Navel school so I cannot see them or be with them.

My middle child spent the day with me helping me in my garden which is what I asked for & no gift. Then my husband & son made dinner & my daughter-in-law came over.

We worked hard in the garden and there is still much to do but it’s coming along. I feel such an accomplishment when working in my garden a feeling of Zen of Fulfillment. When my family helps it bring such a joy into my soul, my being is grounded & my heart fills with such Love there is no room for anything else in it.

I send Blessings to every Mother.

When we are doing this will be a self watering garden
Progress in the garden

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