Work, Working & Busy Getting Things Done Work & Wasted T.I.M.E. “The 4 letter word.”

I am trying to work on my business timeline schedule and I am finding it very hard currently as I have a lot of things at home that need to be done personal & personal biz. & my Job. A crazy glimpse into my Chaotic life & headspace.

This long list of The 3 W’s & Time are my little Rant on them and just to let others know they are not alone in their Chaos. Learn to Ask for help (hard to do I know), Learn your limits, keep making those To Do Lists, Learn to Stop and give yourself time to just sit and breathe for 5 minutes 10-15 minutes is better, & Remember you’re never really alone, it may feel that way at times but we are out there. I got this it just takes me a few tries sometimes but I will get things done.

I wake about 7a-8a just depends, I get things done like dishes, load or 2 of laundry, fold & put away my laundry, if I have time try to catch 1 tv show on DVR before getting house work done with 2-3 cups of coffee to bring me down from my edgy attitude I wake with because I don’t sleep through a night I toss & turn from the tingling numbness that happens after an hr or so from pressure on my L1-L5 squeezed spinal cords. I’m not a delightful morning person. I drink a whole pot of coffee +, before leaving for work/ job (Coffee calms me down I don’t get the wake me up, buzz, or energy).

I’m so busy most days especially this time of the year the 3 “W’s” of my life kick in and my manic side takes over and it’s go, go, & GO! I have my job I leave my house around 10:45a to be at Work 12p-8p but if there are no clients then no work & I am on call waiting all day for maybe 1 client so I really cannot get to busy because I have 1 hour. I get changed to work clothes drive 45min & get room ready. A client at 12p-12:50p and one at 6p-7:20p, I am stuck there and homework is what I mostly accomplish it’s good But… my Work at home is not getting done. I live about 45min from work and wasted gas if I drive home, only to have to return hours later more wasted time and money.

Work J.O.B.; fulfilling someone else’s dream and goals their rules, their money, never knowing if a full work day, only a few clients, clients with hours in between wasting gas & money vs Working My Personal Biz my Dream my money!

When there are wasted hours in my day I feel depressed and agitated. This combination is not good for me being an energy worker, Massage Therapist & Holistic Therapy at my Work/Job I am an independent contractor so no clients no payments so wasted time, loss of money, loss of my working & getting things done work.

Working; Then I have my current business of crafting & Massage and Therapy with personal clients. Working on my business plan for ZenEden Getting all of the involvement of what I need. Planning on where I am going the sooner the better! Get to the investors to get it rolling and start healing & helping others. Starting the Non-Profit & For Profit. That will govern ZenEden Ranch & Healing Retreat.

I know if I start a Work project I’ll get into it and lose track of time because that project becomes my focus. So my Personal Business is suffering and not getting accomplished just left until I maybe have enough time during an evening.

Working-Busy; The vegetable garden needs to be built and planted, Care of plants I have everything from replanting to separating young plants from parent to its own, to cleaning the gardening areas & watering this can take 3-4 hours to do currently, we are hoping to put in a drip & spray system in after the new vegetable garden is set up and finished on its self watering system. There is the everyday things around the house that need to be done on top of this ( I need a house keeper because I hate cleaning but also someone to help me get & keep organized I’m a messy person, chaos surrounds me.

I need to be outside with my plants, working in the soil, watering, replanting, propagating, cleaning the outside to look nice, to bring a peacefulness to my Spirit, bring about my abilities to exchange energy with my beloved plants. This time of year you will mostly find me outside creating my gardens.

During the Winter month my depression & S.A.D. set in. Winter is getting crafting done work on the indoors projects, time to clean crafting areas up maybe? I watch a lot of Hallmark Channel & Read a lot. The struggle of what was me going, going & going has almost disappeared from myself. Do I really do not leave the house, because being around other people’s energy hurts me. To many people and their full on mixed flow of energy make my body ill.

T.I.M.E. there just doesn’t seem to be enough in the day & evening. F.U. T.I.M.E. the 4 Letter category. I am always trying to make a schedule for myself, (I have them all over the house). Finding time & making time are difficult for me. I’m easily distracted to another project and forgetting the one I Just was doing. I am getting better though over the years.

Well there it is a long rant about 4 Letter Words – Work & Time. I hope this didn’t bore to many.

Blessings be bountiful to you.

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