Gardening setup

I love gardening so much its a need so deep inside my soul that i cannot be without plants inside and outside. Orchids taking over inside and anything i can grow outside. I talk to them as they are my children they help me heal when my depression tries to swallow me, They feed my emotions and my energy as I do for them. My plants just as my animals are synergistically connected to me, grounding me, Healing me, loving me, & celebrating me as I do them. Today getting the Terrance leveled out for the weed gaurd, pallets, and the Hydroponics drip trays, has me so sunburnt, covered in dirt, sweat and blisters on my hand & foot. Now pain has set in as my Fibromyalgia is flared, it will never stop me from what I Love. I blast my music and get my gardening groove on and enjoy the feel of my feet in the dirt, and then stepping back at the days job done and feel so much pride in myself and who I have become and still growing myself. May you Find the joy I do in my plants in your life.

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