Taking the Steps to ZenEden Ranch

Well I took the step Cecil & I are finally meeting with a SCORE Mentor & I will be taking SCORE classes. My rough draft Biz Plan was well written enough he said once refined i should have no problem with finding investors for my Holistic Healing Retreat. I just need to decide on which of 3 types of investors will fit best to start with. I’m scared & excited that I have jumped in! But i got this! It will take time to build what my vision is but its time to move from dream to reality. Now to find the Ranch Properties to put on the possibilities list, Ukiah, Alexander Valley, Yorkville will be our search area with a possible this side of Lake Co. area (it would have to have everything Cheap or willing investment). We need to stay with in a distance to our jobs for at least 2-5 yrs.

So here it is if you have ever wanted to invest in a Holistic Healing, Back to the Land Startup here is your chance. No joking or fake messaging, Only serious inquiries. I only have my current rough outline if you would like to know what my vision is.