Gardening setup

I love gardening so much its a need so deep inside my soul that i cannot be without plants inside and outside. Orchids taking over inside and anything i can grow outside. I talk to them as they are my children they help me heal when my depression tries to swallow me, They feed my emotions and my energy as I do for them. My plants just as my animals are synergistically connected to me, grounding me, Healing me, loving me, & celebrating me as I do them. Today getting the Terrance leveled out for the weed gaurd, pallets, and the Hydroponics drip trays, has me so sunburnt, covered in dirt, sweat and blisters on my hand & foot. Now pain has set in as my Fibromyalgia is flared, it will never stop me from what I Love. I blast my music and get my gardening groove on and enjoy the feel of my feet in the dirt, and then stepping back at the days job done and feel so much pride in myself and who I have become and still growing myself. May you Find the joy I do in my plants in your life.

2019 Garden #1

I have discovered Larry Hall and his rain gutter garden systems oh so Awesome! (He’s on YouTube). A self watering, gardening systems.

When you travel and ask friends or family to watch over you Animals and water the plants is for most no big right? Maybe 2 hours total at most… Nope, it’s almost 4 hours to water all of my outside plants. Now add a garden and they will be saying Oh Hell NO! Watering my plants by hand is meditation for me as I talk to my babies touch them and blast music for them. My plants are everywhere with no neatness to them. A Chaotic assembly of plant life. I am trying to pull a more Harmonious & Zen environment together.

I was hoping to be getting our own place by now instead of Renting from our Slum Lords but it is not the time yet so I need to create a better space for them & me. Until we find the Ranch we need to create my Holistic Healing Retreat Dream of ZenEden.

Cecil & I Prepped the back field, cut the grass & Cecil started the terrace rows with the rototiller and he so enjoyed ripping in to the ground. I will be laying the weed shield cloth, pallets on that then large hydroponic drip trays, cloth grow bags will go inside the trays (a hybrid of kiddie pool self watering garden). I have ordered the water regulator float. I will be doing the rain gutter hybrid 4in PVC pipes. I’m so excited about this Garden set up!

Cecil was not happy about this garden he hears the word pallet and he envisions what he calls the junk yard look he dislikes the pallet crafting he thinks it’s trashy looking. It’s one of those I don’t give a care moments because I love them. I have a few cactus and succulent pallet gardens growing & I love them. Cecil just has no vision when it comes to pallets yet his passion in crafting is custom wood working at that. I think it’s his snob outlook on the poor pallets. Now that he is able to see what my vision is he is ok with because you cannot actually see the pallets much.

I’m going to have to start putting a plants for sale at the end of the road as my succulents are out of hand and I need space for the new ones this year. So look for updated on what I have.

I just have so much to do that there is never enough TIME (Cecil keeps saying this is in the 4 letter word adult language category). Neither of us seem to ever have enough with all of the things we want to accomplish.

Well off to sleep I go, I leaf you with this… Gardening is the purest of human pleasures. – Francis Bacon